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Luex Health Care

LUEX is an offspring from a family concern that has been operating successfully in the field of pharmaceutical logistics, distribution and marketing, particularly in dynamic emerging markets since 1965. LUEX itself was incorporated in London, England on the 23rd April 1987.

Such a heritage has made Luex a pharmaceutical company that is multi-faceted, versatile and hence, sensitive to the ever changing needs of its trade partners.


Since it's establishment, LUEX has been a sole and independent family owned company


Over 400+ products across all major therapeutic categories around the world.


Direct and indirect presence in major and developing markets in more than 20 countries.


Manufacturing partnerships with WHO- c, GMP sites of higher standards of quality compliance

Our corporate social responsibility

social responsibility

As a significant part of our corporate social responsibility, LUEX support healthcare practitioners through the values in healthcare program. Healthcare practitioners focus on what is best for the patients but often forget to take care of themselves




Our corporate social responsibility

Continues Education for all

We offer training programs, workshops, and webinars to healthcare practitioners, providing access to educational resources, and partnering with educational institutions to support learning opportunities.

Our Legacy

Partners we have had the privilege to work with over the years